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How are my purchases on your website processed?

Answer: Your purchases are NOT processed on our website. We use PayPal Merchant Services to process all payments for goods on our site. The benefits of using PayPal as a consumer are numerous.
– Faster Check Out.
– No need to enter your payment and shipping info.
– Shop with millions of merchants online without exposing your financial details.
– Pay online with your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card.

Customer information is submitted on our website for the purpose of shipping. Payment information is processed on PayPal’s system to ensure the highest level of security for your Internet purchase.

How many times can I sharpen my dull blades?

Answer: You should be able to sharpen your blades at least 30 to 50 times or more. The demonstration shaver that VSH uses, to present the proper use of the product, those blades have been sharpened 500 to 800 times.

How long will a set of sharpeners last?

Answer: If the instructions are followed correctly, a set of sharpeners will last for at least 20 seperate sharpening sessions. If a set of replacement heads cost $40.00US, each, a set of Vollco sharpeners will have saved you $800.00.

Is the product simple to use?

Answer: Yes. It only takes a moment to have a set of sharpened blades.  They’ll be like new replacement blades for a fraction of the cost.