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About The Sharpener

Consider the Advantages:

Vollco “Shaver Sharpening Heads” keeps the cutting blades on your Norelco, Philishave and Remington rotary electric shaver as sharp as the day you purchased it. Why not make every shave as comfortable as the first.

• Extends the performance life of your blades … great alternatives to throwing your dull blades away,.
• Sharpens your blades in just 3 to 5 seconds. What could be quicker?
• Reusable … sharpens your blades over and over again.
• Recyclable … lets you RECYCLE those dull blades.
• Simple to use … makes sharpening as easy as cleaning your shaving heads.
• Large savings to you, the customer: compared to having to purchase new replacement blades.
• Consumers having the opportunity, at their convenience, to sharpen their blades at the first sign of dullness.
• Today’s consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious with each passing day, now you can Renew, Recycle and Reuse their existing blades.

SHARPENS the dull blades of all Remington, Philips and Norelco shavers, using the following replacement heads: HQ-167, HQ-177, HQ-2, HQ-3, HQ-4, HQ-5, HQ-55, HQ-56, HQ-6, HQ-7, HQ-8, HQ-9, SH-30, SH-50, SP-10, SP-11, SP-19 & SP-25

If you replace your dull Norelco, Remington or Phillips blades twice a year at a cost of $55.00 per set, in the last 5 years, you’ve spent $550.00. Now isn’t that just a little much.

For less than $19.00, you could have bought one of our sharpeners and sharpened those dull Norelco, Remington or Phillips blades over and over again and saved yourself $530.00. I’m sure you could have put all that money to a better use. Read the full story Common Sense Saves Money….