How It Works

  • Remove the head assembly and separate the three rotary cutters and screens from the triangular bracket by unscrewing and removing the retainer.
  • Insert the three Vollco sharpening heads into the holes of the bracket.
  • Place the three rotary cutters inside the sharpening heads and secure by tightening the center screw of the retainer.
  • Reassemble your shaver.
  • Turn your shaver on for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Remove the three rotary cutters from the Vollco sharpening heads, brush clean and save sharpeners for your next sharpening service.
  • Place the three screens back into the holes of the triangular bracket and reassemble your shaver. Turn shaver on for thirty seconds.
  • Enjoy a renewed and comfortable shave with sharper than new cutting blades!

The Vollco “Shaver Sharpening Heads” keeps the cutting blade on your Norelco, Philishave or Remington Microflex rotary electric shaver as sharp as the day you purchased it. Why not make every shave as comfortable as the first.

Recommended for:

-Smartouch XL

-Speed XL



-Quadra Action

-Reflex Action


-Cool Skin

-Micro Action

-Double Action

-Rota Action

-Lift & Cut



Watch these new Videos to learn more about the sharpeners and how they work..

Video Demonstration on How it Works

Full Length Video